Urth by Nabz & G

Vegan Cheese (side dish)

Contains Nuts

19.00 AED
Butternut Squash Curry Stew

Butternut squash, cauliflower & chickpeas slow cooked with yellow curry, served with brown rice, topped with fresh coriander & spinach

48.00 AED
Yoga Bowl

Beet hummus, quinoa, tomato, mixed greens, sauerkraut, homemade guacamole, cucumbers & sunflower seeds served with honey vinegar dressing

37.00 AED
Beetroot Hummus (side dish)

11.00 AED
Miso Salmon on Freekeh

Miso glazed salmon fillet served on a bed of freekeh topped with sesame seeds

58.00 AED
Buddha Burger with Salad

Vegetarian burger made with quinoa, red kidney beans & sweet potato served with a side salad

51.00 AED
Truffle Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto cake served with vegan truffle cream & garnished with fresh coriander

55.00 AED
Quinoa Date

Quinoa mixed with dates, pomegranate, coriander, avocado, raw almonds & celery topped with our specialty date molasses dressing

24.00 AED
"Beetroot" to Yourself

Beetroot, ginger, mixed berries, avocado, coconut oil & lemon juice

27.00 AED
Sundried Tomatoes (side dish)

24.00 AED
Cabbage Mango Salad

Red cabbage mixed with fresh mango, tomato, cucumber & mint, drizzled with red grape vinegar & olive oil

16.00 AED
Bliss Balls (6-pieces)

Bliss balls made with walnuts, dates, cocoa powder and sea salt

12.00 AED
Sweet Date

Almond milk, dates, Turkish coffee and cardamom

27.00 AED
Basil Guacamole Tartine

Homemade guacamole with basil, served with a side salad

34.00 AED
Tuna Tartine

Basil infused tuna served with a side salad

30.00 AED
Guacamole (side dish)

13.00 AED
Lentil Celery Soup

27.00 AED
Spring Wraps

Raw papaya wraps stuffed with homemade guacamole, mango, carrot, cucumber, coriander, parsley & basil cashew cream

32.00 AED
Power Berry

Almond milk, mixed berries and banana

27.00 AED

Avocado, cherry tomatoes, mint & parsley mixed with lemon & olive oil dressing, served with bread on the side

18.00 AED
Tabbouleh Twist

Kale, quinoa, parsley, mint, green onion, tomato, served our specialty pomegranate molasses dressing

18.00 AED
Miso Salmon Filet

Miso glazed salmon filet topped with sesame seeds

53.00 AED
Tuna Basil (side dish)

Contains Nuts

16.00 AED

Turmeric, ginger and lemon

24.00 AED
Spaghetti Marinara with Vegan Meat Balls

Wholewheat spaghetti served with tomato sauce, topped with four buckwheat meatballs & vegan Parmesan cheese

51.00 AED
Urth Summer Roll

Traditional rice paper wraps filled with seasonal vegetables, coriander, parsley, served with peanut sauce

30.00 AED
Butternut Squash Soup with Zaatar

27.00 AED
Green Fix

Spinach, mint, parsley, celery, lemon, ginger & coconut oil

27.00 AED
Lemongrass Panang Stew

Potatoes, carrots, green beans, red bell pepper cooked with lemongrass, panang curry paste & coconut milk served with brown rice

48.00 AED
Veggie Tofu Noodles

Stir fried fresh vegetables & tofu topped with coriander & cashew nuts, served with egg noodles

53.00 AED

Cucumber, tomato, mint & parsley topped with oven-baked sumac pita, served with homemade tahini sauce

15.00 AED
Zesty Spaghetti

Raw zucchini pasta served with kefir lemongrass cashew cream

45.00 AED
Vegan Cheese Tartine

Vegan cheese made with tofu, cashew cream & dill, served with a side salad

30.00 AED