Labneh Mtabaleh (Appetizer)

Labneh with diced vegetables

27.00 AED
Warak Enab (Appetizer)

Rolled vine leaves, stuffed with rice mix

28.00 AED
Muhammara (Appetizer)

Spicy nuts ground into a dip, Leila style

24.00 AED
Rocca with Thyme (Appetizer)

Rocket leaves and green thyme, with lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil

23.00 AED
Zaatar & Jebneh Wrap

15.00 AED
Grilled Halloumi Cheese (Appetizer)

30.00 AED
Zaatar & Labneh Wrap

16.00 AED
Leila Healthy Fattoush (Appetizer)

Traditional Lebanese green salad with toasted bread, sumac & apple vinegar sauce

25.00 AED
Leila's Light Chicken

200g chicken slices marinated in mustard, served with potatoes,eggplant & rocket leaves

54.00 AED
Balila (Appetizer)

Poached chickpeas marinated in olive oil, garlic, cumin and lemon juice

22.00 AED
Spicy Hummus (Appetizer)

Mashed chickpeas mixed with Leila's spices

21.00 AED
Labneh with garlic (Appetizer)

24.00 AED
Hummus (Appetizer)

Mashed chickpeas with tahini & a drizzle of olive oil

23.00 AED
Mouttabal Debs El Remen (Appetizer)

Eggplant mash with pomegranate molasses

25.00 AED
Taboule (Appetizer)

25.00 AED
Hummus Beiruti (Appetizer)

Leila's special hummus with our mix of bean, garlic, cumin, & fresh diced tomatoes

25.00 AED
Habra Grilled

Fat-less grilled beef, marinated in garlic lemon sauce

48.00 AED
Zaatar wrap

13.00 AED
Leila Light Beef

200g of marinated beef with pomegranate molasses, rocca, grilled potatoes & onions

62.00 AED
Mtabbal Bathenjen (Appetizer)

Grilled eggplant, tahini & lemon juice, drizzled with olive oil

23.00 AED
Leila Beetroot Salad (Appetizer)

A green mix with beetroot, lemon & olive oil

25.00 AED
Light Mouttabal (Appetizer)

Eggplants with tahini, yogurt, lemon juice with green onions & pomegranate molasses

23.00 AED
Roasted Potatoes (Appetizer)

Oven-baked poatatoes, served with grilled onions and garlic

22.00 AED
Jabalieh Light (Appetizer)

Tomato, purslane, onion & eggplant served with vinegar oil dressing

21.00 AED
Grilled Vegetables (Appetizer)

Grilled vegetables served with olive oil & pomegranate dip

27.00 AED