Miyabi Sushi

Ebi Nigiri (2 pcs)


20.00 AED
Bonsai Roll (8 pcs)

Roll: salmon, oshinko & avocado-Onigiri: salmon, tuna, crunch

59.00 AED
Rainbow Roll (4 pcs)

In: california roll - Out: 6 kinds of fishes

31.00 AED
Maguro Sashimi (4 pcs)


34.00 AED
Alaskadelphia Temaki (1 pc)

Smoked salmon, cucumber, scallion, & Philadelphia cheese

35.00 AED
Hamachi Nigiri (2 pcs)

Yellow tail

32.00 AED
BBQ Chicken Temaki (1 pc)

BBQ chicken teriyaki, asparagus, cucumber, sesame seed & teriyaki sauce

37.00 AED
BBQ Chicken Roll (8 pcs)

Chicken teriyaki, asparagus & cucumber

47.00 AED
Spicy Chicken

Marinated Korean style spicy chicken teriyaki

59.00 AED
Miso Soup (starter)

Japanese miso soup

11.00 AED
Alaska Temaki (1 pc)

Salmon & avocado, choice of classic or spicy

31.00 AED
49ER'S Roll (4 pcs)

California roll with fresh salmon and lemon slice on top

33.00 AED
Sake Don

Salmon sashimi (14 pcs) over sushi rice

63.00 AED
Combination sashimi (12 pcs)

3 kinds of Chef selected sashimi

81.00 AED
Hotate Nigiri (2 pcs)


30.00 AED
Sake Salad

Marinated salmon with salt and vinegar, with cucumber and seaweed & flying fish roe on top.

46.00 AED
Ika Nigiri (2 pcs)


20.00 AED
Dragon Roll

In: eel & veggie - Out: avocado

30.00 AED
Spicy Maguro Salad

Tuna and vegetables with special spicy sauce

49.00 AED
Vegetable Bibimbap

Assorted vegetables over rice

51.00 AED
Kappa Roll (6 pcs)


18.00 AED
Salted Edamame (starter)

Boiled salted green soy beans

28.00 AED
Miyabi Speical Salad

Asian greens, shrimps, mandarin, cherry tomato, cucumber & edamame, served with our Signature sesame dressing

29.00 AED
Snake Roll (4 pcs)

In: california roll - Out: eel

38.00 AED
Magusake Boat (20 pcs)

Tuna & salmon nigiri, tuna & salmon sashimi, tuna & salmon over California roll

129.00 AED
Sake Nigiri (2 pcs)


27.00 AED
BBQ Beef Roll

Barbecue beef, asparagus & cucumber

51.00 AED
Tako Sashimi

Cooked octopus

33.00 AED
Futomaki (6 pcs)

6 kinds vegetables

30.00 AED
Dynamite Roll (8 pcs)

Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, asparagus & spicy sauce

59.00 AED
Ebi Sashimi (4 pcs)


27.00 AED
Nigiri Sushi (11 pcs)

5 pieces of Chef selected sushi & tuna rolls

59.00 AED
Tekka Roll (6 pcs)


31.00 AED
Sake Sake Bomb (11 pcs)

Salmon nigiri, salmon sashimi and salmon roll

82.00 AED
Cali Flower Roll (8 pcs)

Crab meat & avocado over spicy tuna

59.00 AED
BBQ Beef Temaki (1 pc)

Barbeque beef teriyaki, asparagus and cucumber

41.00 AED

Cucumber salad with octopus and shrimp

39.00 AED
Deluxe Nigiri Sushi (15 pcs)

7 pieces of Chef selected sushi & California rolls

81.00 AED
Inari Sushi Nigiri (2 pcs)

Sweet tofu

16.00 AED
Salmon Ceviche

Salmon, avocado, coriander with lemon juice

49.00 AED
Bulgogi Bibimbap

Marinated Korean style beef teriyaki with vegetables over rice

70.00 AED
California Roll (8 pcs)

crab, avocado & cucumber

31.00 AED
Muni Roll (8 pcs)

In: california roll - Out: baked scallop & crab with sauce & cheese

59.00 AED
Crazy Roll (6 pcs)

Maguro, hamachi & salmon

57.00 AED
Sake Maki (6 pcs)


28.00 AED
Lion King Roll (8 pcs)

In: california roll - Out: baked salmon with with sauce and cheese

59.00 AED
Spicy Miso Soup (starter)

Japanese spicy miso soup

12.00 AED
Tai Nigiri (2 pcs)

Red Snapper

32.00 AED
Chirachi (14 pcs)

Assorted sashimi over sushi rice

74.00 AED
Maguro Nigiri (2 pcs)


27.00 AED
Sea Bass Grilled

Grilled sea bass, edamame beans, spinach with miso glazed

84.00 AED
Wakame Salad

Marinated seaweed salad

27.00 AED
Tekka Don

Tuna sashimi (14 pcs) over sushi rice

63.00 AED
Shrimp Gyoza Steamed (starter)

Steamed shrimp pot stickers

29.00 AED
Tai Sashimi (4 pcs)

Red Snapper

35.00 AED
H&S Sake Sashimi (8 pcs)

In: salmon sashimi - Out: sesame seeds and 4 different sauces

63.00 AED
Spicy Edamame (starter)

Boiled green soy beans with spicy sauce

30.00 AED
Sake Sashimi (4 pcs)


34.00 AED
Beef Gyoza steamed (starter)

Steamed beef pot stickers

26.00 AED
Rock & Roll (8 pcs)

Eel, avocado & cucumber

41.00 AED
Tobiko Nigiri (2 pcs)

Flying fish roe

27.00 AED
Spicy Tuna Roll (8 pcs)

Spicy tuna & cucumber

33.00 AED
Maguro Tataki

Seared tuna with tataki sauce

53.00 AED
Miyabi Love Boat (19 pcs)

Chef selected sushi, tuna sashimi, and California roll

113.00 AED
Hamachi Negi (6 pcs)

Yellow tail & green onion

29.00 AED
Deluxe Sashimi (16 pcs)

4 kinds of Chef selected sashimi

103.00 AED
Saba Sashimi (4 pcs)

Marinated mackarel

36.00 AED
Philadelphia Temaki (1 pc)

Cheese & avocado

21.00 AED
Ikura Nigiri (2 pcs)

Salmon roe

35.00 AED
California Temaki (1 pc)

Crab, avocado, cucumber

27.00 AED
Rice (starter)

Japanese steamed rice

9.00 AED
Green Salad

Asian mixed greens, cherry tomato & cucumber, served with our signature sesame dressing

13.00 AED
Maguro Temaki (1 pc)

Tuna, cucumber with sesame seed, choice of classic or spicy

31.00 AED
Vegetarian Sushi (18 pcs)

Avocado, oshinko, cucumber, 2 types of mushrooms, gowbow

48.00 AED
Simply Avocado Roll (6 pcs)

20.00 AED
Hamachi Sashimi (4 pcs)

Yellow tail

35.00 AED
Hotate Sashimi (4 pcs)


41.00 AED
Ika Sashimi (4 pcs)


27.00 AED

Chopped assorted sashimi and vegetables over rice

80.00 AED
Una Don

BBQ freshwater eel over sushi rice

78.00 AED