Chia Buckwheat Bowl

buckwheat, chia seeds, coconut milk, ginger pear, hibiscus jam, cocoa nibs, pumpkin seeds

44.10 AED
Harissa Honey Chicken

chicken, harissa, honey, roasted potatoes, carrot puree, homemade pickled apricot

89.25 AED
Lemongrass Coconut

lemongrass, ginger, coconut water, lime, honey

31.50 AED
Mushroom Ragout Sandwich

3 types of mushroom, bell pepper, ruby chard, tomato, thyme, homemade seed bread (contains sesame - soy)

39.90 AED
Harissa Chicken Sandwich

harissa chicken, harissa slaw, homemade seed bread (contains sesame - soy)

46.20 AED
Root Burger

parsnip, potato, carrot, celery root, harissa slaw, homemade ketchup & homemade seed bread (contains sesame - soy)

39.90 AED
Tulsi Elixir

tulsi, rose, cardamom, basil seeds, lime, honey

31.50 AED
Mushroom Millet Risotto

millet, mixed mushrooms, herb gremolata (contains celery)

84.00 AED
Sesame Omega Porridge

oats, cashew milk, banana, apricot, nut butter, flax seed oil, homemade spice blend

42.00 AED
Roasted Beets with Whipped Labneh

beetroot, labneh, homemade dukkah blend (contains sesame seeds)

35.70 AED
Orange Polenta Cake with Saffron & Orange Blossom

polenta, almonds, orange, saffron, orange blossom & honey labneh drizzle

39.90 AED
Seaweed & Lotus Salad

mixed seaweed, lotus root, carrot, tomato, cucumber & homemade sesame dressing (contains sesame seeds - soy)

63.00 AED
Deep Root Salad

carrots, sunchokes, potato, turnip, mixed greens & ginger miso dressing (contains soy)

60.90 AED
Chickpea & Beet Chutney Sandwich

chickpea, avocado, sprouts, cucumber, homemade beetroot chutney, homemade seed bread (contains sesame - soy)

39.90 AED
Chickpea & Pumpkin Stew

butternut squash, chickpea, fennel, tomato, parsley

42.00 AED
Hibiscus & Vanilla Cooler

hibiscus, vanilla, cinnamon, honey

31.50 AED
Asian Chicken Bowl

chicken Iarb, quinoa, snow pea, bell pepper, broccoli, herbs & ponzu dressing (contains fish sauce & soy)

46.20 AED
Chicken Burger

chicken burger, Asian slaw, greens, homemade ketchup, homemade seed bread (contains sesame - soy)

46.20 AED
Sesame Bowl

quinoa, soft boiled egg, kale, sweet potatoes, avocado, homemade pickled turnip, miso ginger dressing & gomassio (contains sesame - soy)

60.90 AED
Mighty Green Bowl

kale, broccoli, zucchini, peas, sprouted mung beans, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, herb dressing

50.40 AED