About Us

Our story began when tech met nutrition!

With a passion for both food and health, our founders, recognized a gap in the market for a go-to-guide on healthy food delivery, and so Plotos was created!

The region’s first healthy food delivery and wellness platform, Plotos, is a one-stop shop that connects users with just a few clicks to healthy and wholesome food delivered right to their home or office based on their needs and lifestyle!

Why Choose Plotos?

We, at Plotos, are here to ENGAGE, EMPOWER and CONNECT our users to healthy dining in an easy, innovative, and user-friendly way!

We get up close and personal with our partners, as we hand-pick and tailor-make their meals to fit right into our concept! With our approach, we curate premium and diverse selections of restaurants within Dubai and its surroundings; allowing users to choose their dietary program and swift through a wide range of healthy choices from breakfast all the way to dinner!

With many programs to choose from, you can select the dishes you’d like to eat, customize to add, or remove ingredients, enter your delivery address, choose to pay cash on delivery or online, and have your food delivered to you in a matter of no time!

Join our Community! Be Part of Plotos Today

Want to be a part of the Plotos community?

We are looking for vibrant, healthy, and creative restaurants who are aligned with our mission to make Dubai a healthier city.

Get in touch today at hi@plotos.com or give us a call +971 50 611 4546 and let’s make a difference together!