Calorie labelling at Restaurants in the UAE to help promote Healthier Lifestyles

Eating out and ordering-in has become common practice in Dubai – not only for singles, but families as well. With busy schedules and active social lives, people use food as a means to socialize and come together whilst trying out the latest food trends.

More than ever before, diners are now much more health-conscious. They are aware and educated about what they should be consuming to better their health. It is of no surprise to hear, that in recent news, the Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality are working to set various policies as it pertains to food labelling and calorie counting on menu items at dining and food service outlets across the city. This is a great initiative to encourage the community to lead healthier lifestyles whilst decreasing the alarming rates of childhood obesity, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and other related life threatening diseases and epidemics.

Many developed countries globally have been requiring restaurants and food chains to list the calories on their menus with the aim of curbing obesity, so it is encouraging to see Dubai’s authorities launching this initiative. The move will not only help the community make informed, healthier decisions about the food they eat; and will also give consumers the necessary nutrition knowledge to accurately track and control their caloric intake.

Food Table
Although regulations are likely to be met with resistance from certain restaurant groups and providers, they need to embrace it and look at the positive side in how they are impacting lives, by empowering their customers to look for healthier food options. This program is a way for these groups to give back to the community, and encourage health on a larger scale. Moreover, it gives restaurant owners and operators more incentive to not only create wholesome menu items, and also fortify their existing nutritious offerings without compromising on taste, typically by relying on salt, sugar and fat laden ingredients. Menu labelling will also enforce recipe standardization which will help restaurants better manage their costs and ensure the food they serve is consistent in terms of quantity, quality, taste and flavor.

To comply with the laws and regulations in Dubai, once these policies are implemented, it is advisable to work with qualified professionals such as nutritionists, dietitians, and food consultants who can collaborate with the chefs and restaurant owners on menu analysis, recipe development, standardization, food labelling and generally creating healthier menu options.

At Plotos, our aim is to meet the growing demand for better food and nutrition among consumers increasingly focused on their health and physical well-being, whilst empowering companies within the food service industry with cutting-edge information and technical expertise to take their products, services and consumer experiences to a healthier level.

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